Eileen Riehman PT, LLC

Relieving Pain with Hands-on Physical Therapy

Testimonials from Patients

What a wonderful surprise! I am almost pain free. I never imagined this could happen, since I have been in some kind of P.T. for 20 years. I have fibromyalgia and the Myofascial Release Therapy was the answer! Eileen has the magic touch for your body, mind, soul and heart. I am truly grateful to Eileen and her work as my life is worth living now. Oh, and lucky me-add her to your life as a friend as I have.

~Carolyn Nieburg Asheville, NC

I had suffered from extremely painful sinus headaches for over a year when I heard how Myofascial Release Therapy could possibly relieve my sinus pain and pressure. I found Ms. Riehman to be very caring and compassionate as she listened to my concerns. I went through a series of comfortable treatments in which Ms. Riehman was very gentle. I soon began to look forward to my visits as my headaches became less and less. I am happy to say that I have been out of treatment for over two months and have had no headaches. I can't thank Ms. Riehman enough and would highly recommend her to my family and friends.

~Mista Whitson Weaverville N.C.

For several weeks I had problems with discomfort and pain in my neck and lower back. Apparently the pain was due to a combination of factors including injury from accidents many years ago and contemporary neurological problems. I was referred to Ms. Riehman by my physician. She provided Myofascial Release treatment over a period of several weeks, and I found the treatments to be very effective in resolving my discomfort and pain. Ms. Riehman is a pleasant and caring person whose capacities for therapy and treatment amplify her technical expertise. How pleased I am to recommend Ms. Riehman to people suffering from neck and back pain.

~Linton Deck Asheville, NC

More than forty years ago I experienced a severe fall that led to three surgeries. I recovered well and experienced few problems until the past ten years. Since then I have developed problems, particularly with foot drop, and was referred to Eileen Riehman for Physical Therapy. A combination of her myofasical release and electro-stimulation has given me a less painful and stronger left leg and I am able to walk and exercise without any concern for my stability. I am very grateful for this marked improvement and would warmly recommend her to others for her beneficial treatment.

Kate Chason, Asheville, NC

I first met Eileen in early August 2009 right after I had broken my neck. The neck muscles become weak since the collar is doing the work. Eileen knows what she is doing. She manipulates your body where needed, gives you 'homework', follows up and answers any questions that you might have. Eileen is a pleasure to work with.

Barbara Byrne Asheville, NC